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     MAGNA CORPORATION concept, philosophy and performance are based on the idea of selling ideas and experience first, and hardware second. By asking the question, "How might the user obtain the full values of nondestructive testing?", our application and product specialists can propose the equipment and materials which will fulfill all of the user's requirements. To do it right, products and problems must be studied and understood, economic factors evaluated, test methods properly applied or adapted and often new techniques must be developed.

is a FLUORESCENT nondestructive test method for Liquid Penetrant Inspections (LPI). This type of inspection is for applications that require an extremely sensitive penetrant inspection method that reveals SURFACE cracks and other discontinuities in virtually any NON-POROUS material both ferrous and non-ferrous.


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Vibrance® EV5000 UV LED Black Light


The Magnaflux Vibrance® EV5000 UV LED Black Light has raised the bar for all other black lights on the market today.

The Vibrance EV5000® UV LED Black Light may not only be the best UV LED black light you ever buy, but the last as well.  Individually tested and certified to a wavelength of 365 - 370nm, the Vibrance EV5000® Black Light offers an average bulb life of up to 50,000 hours, a radical new lightweight ergonomic design that is 30% lighter and 90% more energy efficient than traditional mercury vapor UV lights, and a limited lifetime warranty that provides original purchasers with a free loaner light during any warranty repairs.

Core Benefits:Vibrance EV5000 UV LED Black Light

  • Certified for wavelength of 365 - 370nm
  • Each black light has an individually assigned serial number.
  • Up to 50,000 hours LED bulb life
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design

Part Number: 624673 - Vibrance EV5000 UV LED Black Light

Ultraviolet Black Light System includes: Black Light, Carrying Case, Power Supply, Cord to connect the light to the power supply, Cord to connect the power supply to the outlet.

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